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What happened when PM Modi followed this girl on twitter?

As soon as PM Modi followed this girl, her account got hacked.

PM Modi's Twitter account followed this girl's Twitter handle and the game was done.
On September 17, PM Modi had a mess. A girl from Kolkata once thought that the PM has given her the same gift on her birthday. However, later the girl realized that the gift proved to be too expensive for her.

# What happened

Initnamees 🇮🇳
It's Modi Ji's birthday but gift mujhe mila. I have never imagined that I will see this day in my life. Ohh, God! Thank you, @narendramodi Ji, thank you for this honor.
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The PM followed many people on Twitter on Tuesday 17 September. Seemantani Bose was also one of them. She lives in Kolkata. But as soon as the Prime Minister followed him on Twitter, some hackers hacked his account.

Many tweets have been made on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir with his handle. Seemantani works in the field of digital marketing. He gave information about this by tweeting himself.

Initnamees 🇮🇳@SeemantiniBose

Dear friends, My account was hacked by the Pakistani Hackers at around 2am today. That faceless coward tried his / her best to DM some of my loved ones, friends and a few leaders including Hon'ble PM @narendramodi Ji, I apologize if you've received any objectionable content.

Bose wrote that at two o'clock in the night when she was watching her Twitter feed, many messages were coming to her asking for a one-time password. This happens only if you are changing the password, or someone else is logging in. Seemantani Bose could understand something, in such a time someone else logged in with his account.

A few tweets were made against his friends from his Twitter account, in addition to some fake screenshots of direct messages to PM Modi. In which it has been said from his side that PM Modi has kept people captive in Kashmir for 43 days.
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I was fortunate enough to get it back. Can't even imagine what people who go through worse kind of harassment. This is the harassment and trolling that the left-liberals keep talking about. This is what harassment is and not stupid replies on Twitter that one can block. https://twitter.com/deepscribble/status/1174248829509611520…

Deep halder
Yesterday PM Modi followed @SeemantiniBose. Last night hackers attacked her Twitter and send the prime minister DMs on Kashmir.

However, after a lot of efforts, he could get back access to his account. He then deleted the tweets that the hacker had made

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